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All of us, at some point in our lives, feel overwhelmed by emotions, feelings of anxiety, stress and even anger. It is through professional counseling that you can learn to control, minimize and even eliminate these intense emotional issues. We can help! If you are an individual, couple, adolescent or family seeking help, call us today to make an appointment with one of our psychologists.

We want to help address your concerns.

Our profesional therapists and psychologists have extensive experience in treating a broad range of issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship difficulties. Sometimes relationships work means working with just one individual – sometimes it means working with couples or families. Whether you are seeking help with a complex emotional issue, or simply wanting to discuss, consult and find direction in your life – we can help by offering
a supportive and caring space in which you can reflect and grow.


The professionals working at The Psychology Space are highly trained, caring individuals who want to help you find your fullest personal potential. It’s here that a licensed psychologist can help you identify and solve the reason behind the fear, anger and discontent.

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We understand that everyone faces emotional difficulties in life now and again, and we are here to help, to listen and help you face these challenges. No one has to face them alone. We can help. We offer knowledgeable psychologists and therapists who can help in many different ways.

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Couples Program

Being a part of a couple can be difficult at times, but it can also be rewarding. Relationships mean many things to us; it is friendship, love and companionship; and all of these are important to us so we need to nurture them throughout our life. It is in this way that we feel happy, content and comforted with our daily lives.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Whilst the word ‘hypnosis’ conjures up images of stage hypnotists making clients cluck like a chicken, please be assured the experience of Clinical Hypnotherapy is nothing like this at all. Picture more, a guided relaxation session honed towards helping you reach the goals you have said you would like to obtain. There is obviously a lot more to it but that is basically how it will feel from your end. How is something that simple going to benefit you when the problem you are living with is so much bigger than just relaxing and thinking positive thoughts? Let me explain...

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Couple Counselling

Healthy relationships are built on a few essential key factors; communication, boundaries, respect and commitment. We give you techniques that help you find and keep these elements within your relationship.

Depression Counselling

Although a common condition in Australia, this is not something you need to cope with alone. At The Psychology Space we can help you overcome this debilitating emotional condition.

Addiction Issues

Substances and certain addictive behaviours can be very seductive and soothing at times, but they can soon become a problem in themselves, causing relationship issues, breakups and isolation.We can help you overcome.

Anxiety Problems

In today's modern world the mind may bring on anxiety for many non-threatening situations. We can help you control and overcome these feelings of extreme anxiousness.

Bipolar Disorders

This is defined by extreme mood swings that range from depression to mania which can cause risky behaviour, even suicidal tendencies.Call us today to make an appointment.

Sex Therapy

Intimacy and sexual issues are normal at some point in a relationship. We help you identify and resolve issues to enhance your sex life and the intimacy you have with your partner. Contact us to learn how

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Julie-Anne Geddes

More than a professional psychologist, Julie-Anne reaches out to patients with her warm and caring personality. She offers a supportive environment where clients feel comfortable in pursuing their goals. She works with individuals, couples, adolescents and families to find solutions to emotional issues.

Wendy McAra

With over twenty years in the field of psychology, Wendy is passionate about helping people progress from their initial problem to the point where they feel very satisfied with the effectiveness of their therapy. Wendy has a diverse range of experience and education to draw from when working with patients on all levels and with all types of issues and concerns.

Victoria Hodges

Victoria is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach and Massage therapist. She has worked and owned her own business in the health industry for 14 years. She created Internal Solutions to provide quality mind/body holistic solutions for clients.

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Thousands of people find relief with emotional problems by seeing a psychologist or therapist. This is because therapy is a partnership between an individual and a licensed professional psychologist who is professionally trained to help you understand the way you feel and the way this affects your behaviours and interactions with others.

Allow us at The Psychology Space to help you overcome your fears and doubts.If you suffer from depression, anxiety or emotional issues you are not alone, nearly 25% of the adult population suffer from these types of problems.

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Regret – when life hasn’t worked out how we hoped it would

For most of us our lives have not worked out how we hoped they would. There may be regrets. Admitting we have regrets about our life is humbling and sobering.


How to get beyond procrastination?

To begin with, if you have a relationship with procrastination, it is not helpful to beat yourself up. Go easy on yourself and be a kind friend to yourself.


Performance v Presence

Are we sometimes too busy performing, doing our tasks, reaching our goals, even living our dreams to be truly present? I know I need to keep calling myself back into the present moment to truly notice and feel the present.



On 1st June, 2015, The Psychology Space officially opened. The Psychology Space has transitioned out of and away from the franchise Life Resolutions Wollongong


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At The Psychology Space counseling in Wollongong, we love our work, and take a friendly professional approach with every client who walks through our doors.


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