Anger Management

Usually strong emotions of anger and frustration are caused by feelings of loss of control, injustice and other issues, some that are beyond your control. Anger is a natural response and it is normal to experience anger from time to time.However, it is the way in which you manage anger that is important.Learning to make choices and finding the best way to respond to the cause of these feelings is the basis of effective anger management.

There is always a reason fort.feeling angry and out of control, but understanding your body, emotions and thoughts can help you deal with this strong emotion. We offer you techniques you can learn and use to respond in a way that is non-threatening; a way that fits with everything that is important to you, This is a skill that requires insight and some practice.

If you find you become frustrated, resentful and aggressive too often; if violence tends to take over,  counselling can help you  find a better way to assert your interests in a calm and respectful way. .

How Can Counselling Help with My Anger Management?

When you come to anger management counselling, we will help you understand what is behind those angry feelings. We will help you identify where in your body you feel the anger. Then we can help you find adequate release in a non-threatening way.

It is important to recognise when anger is welling up. This way you have time to change or convert those angry feelings into other more positive emotions. When you are under stress, tired or hungry, and particularly when alcohol is involved, anger can be harder to control. However, with a little assistance you will learn how to self-sooth and experience a more peaceful and happier lifestyle.

Counselling is a good place to discuss and explore solutions to the problems behind the anger and how to use the emotion of anger for positive changes.

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