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We offer a range of counselling and psychology services

Everybody faces challenges from time to time. You do not have to face these alone. We can help, and have vast experience in the fields of practise below.

Anger Management

Usually strong emotions of anger and frustration are caused by feelings of loss of control, injustice and other issues, some that are beyond your control. Anger is a natural response and it is normal to experience anger from time to time.However, it is the way in which you manage anger that is important.Learning to make choices and finding the best way to respond to the cause of these feelings is the basis of effective anger management.

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Over many years Julie-Anne has assisted people who are transgender. Sometimes the counselling is about the transition or sometimes it is for counselling about the same issues anyone else would have, but specifically geared toward the person who is also transgender.

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Grief and Loss

It is a normal and natural human response to grieve. These are emotions felt when we experience a loss. In this type of situation, emotions can sometimes be all over the place and felt as sadness, shock, anger, or guilt. There may be intense physical pain or you may even feel numb.

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At The Psychology Space we can teach you how to meditate,either formally and informally. It is not about getting rid of thoughts, rather observing the thoughts and then re-focusing your mind. We can collaboratively help you to tailor a way to meditate that fits your needs. Mindfulness is also a part of the way we teach meditation.

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Depression is more than a passing mood. It can be a deep emotional issue where you sink into a  deep dark place within. You may experience appetite loss, minimized concentration. You often feel sad, lonely pessimistic and irritable. You feel isolated, exhausted and sad.


Addictions are usually caused by ordinary every-day problems, life responsibilities, or even because of health issues. Eventually, other parts of your life are also affected – areas such as your relationships. These can bring additional problems with loved ones.

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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is counselling with a focus on intimacy and sexual problems. This is usually due to a lack of intimacy. Effective sex therapy can also assist in enhancing your sex life to be even better.

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Couples Counselling

Whether you are in a new relationship, or have been together for decades, counselling can  revamp or revive your relationship. When boredom sets in, or infidelity is an issue; when you just can’t see eye to eye the inability to communicate may have taken over.

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a manageable condition in which the person who suffers can recover to live without any symptoms. Counselling can assist you to work out what you will need to manage this condition. Treatment is likely to include medication and good family/community support.

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Anxiety is a normal emotion  which both humans and animals experience. It is a tool the body uses to offer a warning of danger, and  it prepares you to respond to some kind of threat. The response may be to run, or to attack, or to freeze and submit. Unfortunately, this is an emotion that doesn’t often come into play any longer. While it may have been an emotion we needed thousand of years ago, we no longer do.

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