Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a manageable condition in which the person who suffers can recover to live without any symptoms. Counselling can assist you to work out what you will need to manage this condition. Treatment is likely to include medication and good family/community support.

Treating bipolar effectively

Most people are able to overcome this disorder as symptoms usually respond well with the right treatment. However, you may need to continually manage the condition throughout life. It will be important to know the early warnings of when bipolar may be creeping back into your life and then put into place what is needed to prevent any more episodes.

How Can Counselling at The Psychology Space help?

People with bipolar disorder can be assisted to put in place good self-care strategies and learn important skills to have quality of life. The self-care strategies will relate to good sleep routines, nutrition, exercise and decision making. Counselling can assist with all of this and particularly with your thought world.

When we meet with you, we will look to understanding how bipolar has impacted your life, your relationships and how it first came into your life. We will be curious to understand all about the implications of this for you, as no two people with bipolar disorder are exactly alike. After this and in collaboration with you and with people who are supportive of you, we can together put in place a well-being plan to include some of the self-care strategies noted above. We can then track how all this is going and find creative ways to tweak the plan as necessary.


Medicare rebates are available to those who are eligible. Rebates can be paid directly into your bank account when sessions are paid for using cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

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