Couples Counselling

Relationships can been difficult to sustain over time.

Whether you are in a new relationship, or have been together for decades, counselling can  revamp or revive your relationship. When boredom sets in, or infidelity is an issue; when you just can’t see eye to eye the inability to communicate may have taken over.

A relationship can easily fall into a cyclic familiar pattern, with the same arguments and disagreements going around and around without any resolution. Counselling can assist you to look carefully at those same old familiar patterns and help you find new ways to think about them, or change them so as to bring different outcomes and break the painful cycle.

Part of the process of relationship counselling is to assist with communicating skills and to understand the communication styles to avoid. This will assist you to come to fresh deeper understandings about each other and about yourself.

Relationships often are under the stress of many things, such as financial pressures, lack of time, issues with children, health struggles – to name a few. Couples sometimes find themselves angry with each other about these things. Counselling can assist you to be in a partnership on the same team to tackle the relationship pressures that are usually tearing you both apart.

At ‘The Psychology Space’ we provide resources for you take with you to assist you to understand your relationship. We can help you comprehend your love languages and to put love into actual practice so as to enhance the relationship.

We also specialise in therapy for sexual issues and problems that may have or may not have arisen from relationship difficulties.