Depression is more than a passing mood. It can be a deep emotional issue where you sink into a  deep dark place within. You may experience appetite loss, minimized concentration. You often feel sad, lonely pessimistic and irritable. You feel isolated, exhausted and sad.

Left untreated depression can affect your relationships, your ability to engage in creativity, your work, your health, and sometimes you may even feel like you no longer want to be alive.

Did you know more than a million Australians suffer from depression each year? Unfortunately, it is a common condition, yet no two people experience depression in the same way. We tailor effective strategies to assist you. If you have  a few of the following symptoms, we would like to help:

  • No interest or enjoyment in things you usually like
  • Feeling sad, empty, worthless, guilty, negative or hopeless for no obvious reason
  • Having difficulty making simple decisions or concentrating
  • Reduced energy, bodily aches and pains, tired
  • Changes in appetite – weight loss or gain
  • Sleep issues, usually sleeping too much or poor quality sleep
  • Thoughts about death and/or suicide

If depression is robbing you of motivation, joy and interest, please make contact with us.

How can counselling help?

Counselling can help you find effective strategies to stop the negative thoughts that take over your mind and life. We use a number of strategies when working with depression (and anxiety), combined in a way that will match your unique style. The strategies will include addressing changes to behaviours and to thoughts/cognition.

Remember, this is a  treatable illness. Most people who suffer from the condition, especially those who access help, do go on to recover and get their energy, creativity and positivity for living life back again. At ‘The Psychology Space’ we want to assist you in such a way, so that if you notice depression creeping back into your life again, you will know what to do to keep depression at bay and to keep you feeling good.