Trance state & Hypnosis

Trance state is actually a natural human state that we slip in and out of during the day. Every time you focus down your attention, you enter a kind of hypnotic trance. Whereas ‘normal awareness’ can involve being aware of many things, and the mind ‘hopping around’, a defining characteristic of the trance state is a single or limited focus of attention such as when you are reading, working or playing a computer game. During this state time seems to get distorted. Another good example is when you drive from A to B in what seems the blink of an eye with no memory of how you got to your destination! The most accurate description of the hypnotic state is a ‘parallel awareness’. The hypnotised person knows who and where they are, but is also strongly focused on internal realities such as sensations, memories or imagination. Therapeutic hypnosis is a peaceful, creative and productive state of inner absorption. The lack of anxiety or every day ‘reactive’ responses, and the ability to control emotional responses and create new connections allows new learnings, abilities and potentials to develop. Definition “Hypnosis is an education and communication process by which the conscious mind and the unconscious mind agree”.

Can anybody be hypnotised?

Yes! As trance is a naturally occurring state that we all slip in and out of throughout the day. However, the number one rule of hypnosis is that you have to really want to move in to the change you have stated that you desire for hypnosis to work. Clinical Hypnotherapy is just that, a therapy. I am here to guide you, but ultimately you have to do the work. It’s ok to be sceptical. I know I certainly was when I was referred to a Clinical Hypnotherapist in a last ditch effort to get rid of a problem I had lived with for 10 years. 3 sessions later I was definitely proved wrong!

What can hypnotherapy treat?

Each client is an individual so depending on what is needed I use a mixture of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to help you move forward. Hypnotherapy has many applications a few of which I have listed below. If something you would like to work on is not on the list, please contact me to discuss if this is something I work with or not. Phobia Eating Issues/Weight Trauma/Loss Anxiety Depression Stuck States Self Confidence / Esteem Motivation – business/exercise/sports focus Pain Control Pregnancy/Birth Sleep Issues Stress reduction / Relaxation Energy Levels Change Congruency Speech Confidence.

How many sessions will you need?

This all depends on what we are working on. Some issues can be lifted in a single session but I generally say work on a 3 session policy. Why? Hypnotherapy suggestions are cumulative in nature and gain momentum when stacked. If you want to move in to any kind of change, you want it to be for life! Fees Initial Session 1.5 – 2 hours $160 Follow up sessions – 40-60 mins $120.

Health Funds Available: Victoria is covered by most Private Health Funds