I’m Peter, and I run Powerful Choices Counselling. I work through a couple of centres, one in Sydney and The Psychology Space, in Wollongong. For over 20 years I’ve been helping people work through and deal with the trauma that’s been affecting their lives. Trauma can include child and adolescent mental health, medical procedures, sexual assault, domestic violence, palliative care, oncology, chronic pain, and homelessness. The traumatic experience may have occurred years ago but can still affect decisions made today.

The places I work at are welcoming, casual places where we can meet and have a chat. Actually, you’d think you were walking into a friend’s house, rather than a clinic. It’s a place to feel comfortable and work through the decisions in life that brought you to where you are today.

I see many people who live their life with trauma. Trauma can rear its head in our poor choices, such as the food we eat, our risky behaviour or in our relationships.

Trauma can affect our health too. Anxiety and depression are common problems clients deal with. I feel that everyone deserves to live a life they can find meaning, purpose, and hope. The life truly intended for them. 

We can regularly meet face to face, Zoom or over the phone for an hour. I’m here to listen. I use narrative therapy, acceptance commitment therapy ACT, solution therapy, and a few other bits and pieces to help you get on the right path. In a nutshell, it’s about re-evaluating what’s happened to you in the past.

We’ll talk about the difficulties you’re having and practical, evidence-based strategies and skills to overcome them. 

You’ll be curious and surprised at what you’ll learn about yourself. We’ll find ways to heal, giving you purpose and meaning in your life.