Wendy is a highly experienced psychologist with over twenty years in the field of psychology. She is passionate in her work and committed to helping people find their personal path of improvement through effective, state of the art therapy.

Like Julie-Anne, she has a diverse range of experience to draw on when working with people with a range of issues and concerns. She is fluent in evidence-based treatments for people living with depression and anxiety and has seen many of her clients improve their level of inner peace and wellbeing.

In addition, Wendy specialises in relationships. She is a qualified couples therapist, and particularly enjoys couple therapy. She teaches clients effective communication skills and strategies to help turn around bad habits that have crept into the relationship – bad habits like taking it out on each other, taking each other for granted, growing apart, and loss of intimacy. Wendy gently guides couples into rebuilding emotional connection and respect, and into nurturing a climate of fondness and admiration. She provides great handouts and couples homework, so you can make progress between sessions.
She also helps couples move forward to re-create a relationship of respect, empathy, compassion, trust and love after infidelity.

As a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),
Wendy also provides life coaching

  • Working with clients to identify, then re-frame, their self-sabotaging limiting beliefs to help them flourish in the world and
  • Teaching them the Secrets of Script Writing so they can manifest their dreams in relationship, career and other areas of their lives.

Wendy is a Registered Psychologist with AHPRA, she is Medicare Registered and a member of AAPi.