For most of us our lives have not worked out how we hoped they would. There may be regrets. Admitting we have regrets about our life is humbling and sobering. Yet, it can also be overwhelming. If we choose to look back at our life and admit we have regrets, it is best to do so honestly, courageously and with lots of self-compassion.

Finding a way to embrace regret so we are not overwhelmed is important. To relate to regret without the overwhelm can assist with learning to live in the present moment and can show us ways to engage with our future lives. We can be excited by possibilities for a new way forward.

We are all fallible human beings and we all have our shadow sides. Learning from regrets and mistakes is the best thing we can all do to make sure we live a meaningful life. When our lives are not fitting or measuring up to how we expected them to be or how we desire then we are most likely suffering in some way. Perhaps the measure is unrealistic and the expectations unfair! It can be helpful to talk through this with a kind friend or with a counsellor.

When it comes to regret be mindful to be a really good friend to yourself.